Current and Future Prospects on the DREAM movement and DREAM Team LA (Opinion Piece)

Below is a letter I wrote unexpectedly as a response to a friend’s email.
I just read an article shared by Anthony regarding the access to medical school for undocumented youth by the Loyola Medical School.
Here are my two cents on current and future prospects of the DREAM movement and DREAM TEAM LA. 
I’m not a med school prospect but I’m happy doors are being opened for undocumented youth in different fields of work and study. After this move by Loyola university, I hope other universities follow suit and implement similar changes in their admission policies. It is always good to hear  these type of stories since they represent the results of a long struggle.

These type of changes will continue to be more frequent as more of the population realize that undocumented people are an asset to society. As we begin to see signs of a recovering economy, I realize those of us that had only our legal status holding us back from upward social mobility will be in the position to benefit the most and thus need to take advantage of this.

I have personally seen people’s lives change drastically as a result of having their DACA. The job that was not even worth considering because of lack of a 9 digit number is now only a piece of a bigger pie that is available to us.

Having said that, Dreamers are becoming a brand (if they haven’t become one already) that the establishment not only respects but in some cases fears. We have proven to be a well organized, efficient, nationwide (in some cases international) movement that is here to stay.

When I speak to people about Dreamers, it’s no surprise the admiration and respect they hold for us. It is humbling to hear some say we are considered “the one percent” of the immigrant population. But because Dreamers have been placed on such a pedestal, we have the responsibility to meet and surpass those expectations.

Since joining the movement I have had much respect for the leaders and volunteers that show passion for this cause. I admire the energy and devotion many volunteers contribute to the actions, clinics, and meetings. I have to say this is a sign for improvement as well.

As we continue to grow, we will have to focus on internal/external strength. Focus on internal strength means focus on membership, transparency. finances (this is a whole subject to itself), and accountability. External strength means focus on public image, strategic partnerships, and expansion.

There have been improvements made to DREAM TEAM LA that have shown signs of success. The restructure and added transparency brought to DREAM TEAM LA has helped it a lot in my opinion. Now we have accessibility to run for lead positions and voting that reflects like an organized democracy. We have term limits and evaluations for leads that help us assess changes. We have a treasurer that keeps updates on budget matters. All these are good signs of progress.

I hope to see new Dreamers attend our meetings and continue attending. For this I think we have to provide incentives to show up to our meetings in the first place. There have been some ideas thrown around in the fundraising team which I will wait to share at a later time. Having said that, other committees should also be considering proactive measures on membership growth.

This letter was not suppose to be this long but these things have been on my mind and the minds of other members. I hope we can all have continued conversations and debates about the strengths of DREAMTEAM LA and its weaknesses.

Thanks everyone,



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