5 smart ways to find a job (you like)

There is enough competition as it is searching for jobs through career sites like Monster.com. Many of the jobs listed are recurring positions that nobody wants or that need years of experience.

1. Search small and local
Contacting a small business directly allows you to connect with the employer and create a networking opportunity. Many of these small businesses don’t have the staff or budget to be listing jobs online or scheduling multiple interviews. It is best for you to make yourself accessible and bring your skills to them. Best time to do this is while you are in school (last semester). This way you can offer them a “trial” period, internship if you want to call it that too, for them to see your work. In the event that they don’t hire you after the trial period, you still attained “work experience” to add to your resume by the time you graduate.

2. Join a volunteer organization
Job seekers should consider volunteering since not only does it help with accumulating work experience but it builds a network of support. Chances are if you are surrounded by people in a professional organization, eventually there will be a job opening. Studies show companies and organizations tend to hire through proximity or a network.

3. Search industry specific career sites
So you have tried posting your resume on Monster.com and other career sites and have not had any luck. Instead, try searching industry specific career sites that focus on the type of jobs you’re looking for. As a finance major, I have used sites like efinancialcareers.com that list only positions in finance. This not only filters out the jobs I don’t want but it provides positions I may not have known existed in my field.

4. Google advance search
Google is a great way to search for jobs if you know how to use it. Advance search in Google has helped me find great companies and jobs I never would’ve found otherwise. Don’t get me wrong, Google will not do the work for you completely. You have to be creative in the way you search. Some of the methods I use include searching keywords in certain domains.

For example let’s say I am looking for a government job. I would search “financial analyst position domain: .gov”. This assures my search will only return financial analyst positions of government sites. The same could be done for nonprofits and private companies using domains like “.org” or “.com”.

Another method is searching by file type. Let’s say you want to find a list of banks, or nonprofits that specialize in real estate. Lists are usually created in excel files. Your search would include your key words and file type for and excel document. Example: Search “banks (nonprofits) specializing in real estate, lists filetype:xls”, this will return a search of excel documents containing lists of those type of organizations. Once you have that list, find their websites and see if they are hiring or try method #1.

This is one of the list I found from this particular search.


5. Social Media
Social Media is not just for fun. It helps to browse around sites like LinkedIn and Facebook for potential companies that may be tied with. Chances are your college buddies are in the same jobs you are looking for. It helps to connect with alumni social groups and networks on social sites. This will allow you to receive updates on what they posting (which may include job opportunities).


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