The best workout for the soul


day and night

Today I realized once again I cannot live without art. I have fought the urge to follow what I love to do for too long. My mind has been filled with ideas of what life paths are right for me. They have come from all directions except my heart.
I miss the feeling that I get when I draw and paint. The way I lose track of time and how I immerse myself in a world unknown when I’m untrue to myself.

My best memories are not majestic experiences but rather simple moments that appear swift and natural without warning. I feel spiritually healthy when I create art. You can say it’s exercise for the soul. The best combination for a soul workout is painting at 2 am while listening to a playlist of my favorite jams.

There I stand, born this morning and dead by midnight. I open my mind and see a day is like a year and so is life. The morning is spring in a child. Afternoon is summer in a young adult. The evening is fall in an adult. Finally the night is winter in the elderly person. Before I know it the sun will pass over me and start to set. I can’t let it set. I can’t let it set with the regret. Regret cannot be part of my day.



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